Winter Snowshoe Hikes


Snowshoe hikes are great fun and surprisingly easy.  The name Sierra Nevada means snowy mountains and in the months of January, February and March it is usually possible to undertake a range of good day hikes using snowshoes.

As qualified International Mountain Leaders it is within our remit to lead you in this exciting pastime, getting to places where you wouldn’t be able to walk with just hiking shoes because of the depth of snow.

Our normal meeting points for guided snowshoe hikes are Hoya de la Mora on the North side and Lanjaron or Capileira on the South side.

Prices assuming that we meet you at the starting point for the walk (though we are able to provide some transport for smaller groups):

1 Person €140
2 people €100
3 people €70
4 people €60
5 people €55
6 people €50
7 people €45
8 people €40

The price includes snowshoes and poles if you need them.

To make a booking, contact us with your preferred dates and we will check availability of the bus.