Rock Climbing in Spain’s Granada Province

Motril is known as the Costa Tropical so the crags here are warm most days of the year.  Further inland some of the crags are high though in the warm sunshine most crags are accessible in all but foul weather.

The major climbing areas of Loja, Alfacar, Diezma (Naranjito, Pena Cabrera), Monachil (Los Cahoros) and Motril are all written up in”Andalucia a guide to Sport Climbing” by David Munilla, available from shops in the UK or locally. For the other climbing venues, information is more difficult to come by. This web based guide is an attempt to help you locate the crags using our local knowledge.

The downloads in this section are for the following crags:
A pleasant volcanic crag with 25 routes of the following grades:
3+ = 1;  4 = 6;  4+ = 2;  5 = 7;  5+ = 2;  6a = 5;  6a+ = 1; and  6b = 1.
The crag is 5 minutes walk from the village which has plenty of bars, a couple of general stores and drinking fountains.  It is in the sun from around 11am.

A compact but very nice limestone crag 10 minutes walk from town (you can drive nearer).  There are 21 routes in the following grades:
4 = 1;  4+ = 3;  5 = 2;  5+ = 3;  6a = 8;  6a+ = 2;  6c = 1; and 1 unknown.
Part of the crag is SE facing in the sun until around 1pm, and part is in a cleft. You can usually find both sun and shade. Lanjaron is a tourist spa town with a full range of facilities.

Niguelas Valley  and Niguelas Pinacle
A great valley of comoact sometimes water polished limestone with something for everyone though slabs and fine open wall climbing abound.  Best to start at the “Pinnacle” area to get a flavour of the place.
The small village of niguelas as bars, shops and a baker. There are water fountains. Both sun and shade can be found throughout the day.

Orgiva Crags part 1  and Orgiva Crags part 2
A great little limestone valley with both sun and shade throughout the day.  You can park you car quite close to most routes too!  The crag is about 5Km outside of Orgiva so you’ll need to take food and water with you.
Around 60 routes from 3+ to 7c though mainly between 4 and 6b+.

Pinos Del Valle
An interesting limestone crag situated beneath the village. We are not sure if you can still access all of the crag but still worth a visit, especially for the easier grades. There are 2 excellent routes on The Slabs, especially the pockety wall 4.     17 routes:  3+ = 1; 4 = 3; 4+ = 2; 5 = 3; 5+ = 1; 6a = 1; 6b = 2; 6c = 2; 7a = 1 and 7a+ = 1.

Izbor (a bouldering venue)
A bit of a chore to walk to above the village but good for an explore and an entertaining couple of hours.  Being relatively unclimbed limestone boulders some of the holds are friable adding to the entertainment!

Gear Shops:
Nomadas Sports, Durcal

Sierra Nevada Outdoor, Orgiva

Sierra Nevadensis, Pampaneira

Solo Aventura, Granada