Mountain Walking or Hiking Day itineraries

Like all mountain areas the possibilities for great mountain walking or hiking days out in the Sierra Nevada are endless.  Here are our suggested routes:

1.    Mulhacen 3482m from Hoya del Portillo 2160m
Mulhacen Summit, at 3482m is the highest point in the Sierra Nevada and mainland Spain, which puts it high on the tick list of many visitors to the area and mountaineers from across Europe.  Ascending the South Ridge and descending the steeper West Ridge.
8 to 9 hours Hard.

2.    Mulhacen 3482m from Mirador de Trevelez 2700m
This “shortened” version is only available when the national park runs a bus to Mirador de Trevelez in July, August and September. Details as above but if time permits an excursion to the Poqueira Refuge.
7 to 8 hours, hard.

3.    Alcazaba 3371m from Mirador de Trevelez 2700m
Alcazaba, the third highest in the range is the most remote of the Sierra Nevada’s big three and therefore the least often climbed. A much better excursion than either Mulhacen or Veleta! This itinerary is only available in July, August and September when the bus is running.
7 to 8 hours hard.

4.    Caballo 3011m from Ventura road head 2000m
Cerro de Caballo, is the most westerly 3,000m peak in the Sierra Nevada, and indeed the whole of Europe. Yet this route offers a relatively easy ascent to its summit at 3011m. Lying at the start of what is perhaps the most spectacular valley in the whole of the Sierra Nevada, Caballo is climbed in a day via the south ridge, returning via the Caballo Refuge and Rio Lanjaron. Possibly the best excursion in The Sierra Nevada!
7 hours, medium to hard.

5.    Veleta 3394m from Hoya de Mora 2500m
Veleta is the 2nd highest peak in the Sierra Nevada. Although close to the ski resort, it is possible to be out of sight of the various lifts and pylons for most of the ascent. Descending from the summit southwards to the Carihuela refuge  3229m makes for an interesting excursion.
6 hours, medium.

6.    Trevenque 2079m “The Matterhorn of the Sierra Nevada”
Trevenque is not as high as some, but none the less is a very stylish, appealing and at times challenging mountain.  Well worth the effort to enjoy the summit and it’s extensive views of the higher mountains beyond. Good acclimatisation.
6 hours, medium.

These are outline route descriptions.  An ability to navigate competently and operate safely in the mountains is required for all of these itineraries.  If in doubt, hire a qualified International Mountain Leader.