Scrambling in the Sierra Nevada

Scrambling is great fun and occupies that area between hill walking and rock climbing. At its easiest it requires the occasional use of hands to move between boulders or up rock slabs, whilst at its hardest scrambles become more like easy rock climbs.  It is great for those who want a bit more adventure, and is often less strenuous than straight forward walking to summit tops.

We have discovered some great scrambles in and around the Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Huetor (north of the main mountain range).  Our video clip gives you a taste of these.  Why not book a guide to find out for yourself!

The scrambles that we are offering to lead and supervise are all either grade 1 or grade 2 scrambles that do not routinely require the use of a safety rope. That said, our qualified leaders will carry safety equipment in case anyone has trouble or finds themselves lacking in confidence.  Contact us to book a day or more of scrambling in and around the Sierra Nevada mountains.