Climb Mulhacen highest mountain in Spain

Climb Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada SpainMulhacen at 3482m is the highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada, mainland Spain and the whole Iberian Peninsular. People climb Mulhacen for a variety of reasons though we at Sierra Nevada Mountain Guides want to ensure that everyone has the best, most enjoyable and safe experience whether you climb it with us or not.

Mulhacen is not the most technical or difficult of mountains in good summer conditions, though should never be underestimated as it has claimed several lives in the past few years. High winds and low cloud with temperatures near freezing are possible even at the height of summer. That said, most days from June to September will give good conditions, and sun, altitude and wind will be the main obstacles! For the best experience though we recommend you hire a guide from Sierra Nevada Guides.

In winter Mulhacen and the Sierra Nevada mountains are a serious winter mountaineering proposition and should only be attempted by experienced mountaineers or with a guide.

It is possible to climb Mulhacen in a day in summer though making it part of a two day trek, spending a night at the Poqueira Refuge will increase the enjoyment. Details of maps and other general information can be found on this site.

There are two ways of climbing Mulhacen in a day, the route we describe or by taking the National Park bus above the barrier to gain additional height. The Buses have to be booked and run from the National Park information centres either Capileira or Hoya de Mora near the ski resort.

Sierra Nevada Mountain Guides are always happy to advise visitors to the area or provide you with a guide.

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